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About us

kep1Mures Fertility Center has opened its gates for those couples who for a shorter or longer period of time have been waiting for children without being successful. From now on, the couples in the county, in the region respectively, don’t need to travel several hundred of kilometers in order to benefit from a treatment, because in Sangeorgiu de Mures, in a building equipped according to the highest requests, high qualification specialists try to help the childless couples who turn to them by using the most modern instruments and techniques. The specialists have acquired the skills of the profession, the most developed techniques in the United States of America and Hungary. Mures Fertility Center is among the few facilities in Romania where assisted reproductive interventions are performed not only as secondary activities, but as full time activities. Through the complex but individualized  treatment against infertility, we increase the couples’ chances who turn to us of having children.

Scientific consultant:

Prof. Dr. Vajta Gábor MD., PhD., DSc., embriologist, VEC, Cairns, Australia

The patients who turn to us will be saved from the tiring trouble of purchasing the necessary medicines. If required, we can recommend several levels accommodation possibilities near our facility. 

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Visit us after previously scheduling an appointment so we can find together the most effective way to solve your problems, as well as for you to be able to go back to your gynecologist with positive feelings and results.

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